Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Η Αλεπού και ο Κόρακας

illustration by Rachel Smith

Aesop's Fables are a big hit in my class. By retelling them and acting them out we build our vocabulary and have lots of fun.

Fox and Crow Story in card format from Ε.ΔΙΑ.Μ.ΜΕ
The originals are two sided with one side having a picture and the back having the story to read to the kids. Print out both sets and paste them together to get the same effect. Please note that there are some with no words on the back because they do not go with the story, but are meant the get the kids thinking about what is wrong with the picture. These cards are labeled with a number and a letter, where the ones that go along with the story are labeled with only a number.

Back of cards:

Front of cards:

Fox and Crow Masks (plus other various masks) for acting out the Fable

Fox and Crow coloring page from

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